Crosscut is a brand content development agency that uses intelligent data to drive strategy and creative content for brands on all platforms and social media channels. Crosscut employs a variety of approaches dependent on what is appropriate for the brand from episodic video storytelling to short form Instagram Stories style videos. The most important factor being that the content connect emotionally with its audience and tell a great brand story in order to achieve the best results. The Crosscut work is the best way to see this come to life.



Chief Creative Officer

As a content creator, Mike has helped build iconic brands such as Coca Cola, ESPN, Verizon, Mentos and Staples with highly effective award winning work. Mike's focus is on creating innovative content with new approaches to telling brand stories using intelligent data as a strategic tool. As a hybrid brand creative director and video director, Mike’s intention is to create a seamless experience from strategy to concept to execution. Whether it’s creating a sitcom for Turner Entertainment, a reality show for The Golf Channel, or social media video content for the Weather Channel and Mentos, Mike sees the world as a series of infinite possibilities.

Mike’s background includes a degree in behavioral psychology which he put to use working at Harvard Medical School doing research in a neonatal intensive care unit studying how the behavioral patterns of premature infants affects learning. Mike also worked in an ER doing CPR on cardiac arrest patients and at 24 years old, Mike was the head mental health counselor in a locked state psychiatric ward responsible for more than 90 patients.


Verizon  Coca Cola Mentos Gum  ESPN  The Weather Channel Reebok Blackberry  Staples Citibank Smith Barney Procter & Gamble  Popeyes  Intel Salomon American Lung Association Minolta Cameras  Topps Baseball Cards  Turner Entertainment The Red Cross Kimberly Clark Adams Gum  Finagle-A-Bagel   Gallo  Anheiser-Busch PayPal Fidelity  Merrill Lynch   Riggs Bank Neato Robotics Genentech Biogen


Hill Holliday NYC CD/VP McCann Erickson CD/VP Liquid Arnold DMB&B GREY The Federation Deutsch J. Walter Thompson Chiat Day Herstek Favat Messner Vetere



Crosscut partners with Brilliant Metrics to develop data intelligent strategies. Brilliant Metrics is a modern take on a marketing agency who believe marketing starts at the intersection of an audience and an objective. Brilliant Metrics uses data and a proven methodology to find clarity and focus amid the chaos of marketing tactics and trends. brilliantmetrics