Mike Goldberg: Creative Director | Vice President | Co-Writer | McCann Erickson


In the era of e-trade, upscale independent investors were abandoning the institutional investment firms to take charge of their own finances. The learning revealed that saving money on fees and being in control of their finances were the driving factors. The challenge was how to hold on to these consumers and build trust once again. What SmithBarney had on their side is access to much deeper data than the general public and also the fact that the average experience of a Smith Barney financial advisor is 17 years.


The audience was wealthy and mostly male from late 30’s through to 50’s and who were becoming tech savvy.


The underlying mantra of this campaign was “what you don’t know may hurt you”. This traditional and digital direct response campaign was designed to drive e-trade investors to a SmithBarney advisor and discuss their financial plan. The execution was elegant and smart and highlighted the nuances and details of investing that the average investor may not be aware of and where potential money could be lost by doing it yourself.


After this campaign launched Smith Barney had a record amount of calls flooding the Smith Barney advisory center which resulted in a record number of customer sign ups. The revenue increase was record breaking at the time.

KPI’s: Number of digital and telephone inquiries. Number of customer sign-ups. Recognition of a need for greater investment services from experienced advisors.

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